Deep Tissue Massage

About the Service

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage instigates a greater tension relieving response than a classic massage by concentrating on posterior (deeper) muscles. It uses a mix of classic massage strokes, with increased pressure, typically following the muscle from insertion to origin. The aim is to reduce muscle tension by releasing knots and restoring elasticity. Deep tissue massage is also designed to increase blood flow to targeted muscles, kick-starting the body’s natural healing process.

Who would benefit from a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is one the most popular choices of massage as it can suit many individuals, helping to ease pain and stiffness in a variety of scenarios. It is not just for athletes or people with acute injuries.

Price List

# Service Description Price
1 Deep Tissue Massage 30-minutes £30
2 Deep Tissue Massage 60-minutes £40
3 Deep Tissue Massage 90-minutes £60
4 Deep Tissue Massage - Four Hands 30-minutes £50
5 Deep Tissue Massage - Four Hands 60-minutes £70
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